NEETS & Employability Services

START 2While some young people within our communities excel in their educational pursuits, and go on to find full employment, others have a difficult time, fall behind, and eventually leave school with little or no qualifications. Without these, our young people often find themselves unable to successfully compete for jobs, and fall by the wayside, becoming at-risk for involvement in anti-social behavior, development of addictions (both drug and alcohol), and most of all, “poverty of aspiration.”

START 1The START programme reaches out to unemployable young people aged 16-24, with the goal of making them employable. The program is 14 weeks long, and teaches important life skills and employment ethics. Our model’s main focus is on building relationships, with the philosophy that if you build up the young people, the job will come. START works in partnership with Include Youth, collaborating on resources and a shared ethos. Originally rising out of the earlier Youth Works Program, START has grown and is offered at Greater Shankill, East Belfast, and North Down.