Youth Safety Network

YSP launch Lisburn Jun 2011 060

The Youth Safety Network aims to promote the safety and well being of young people, their families and their communities through a process of engagement, participation and service delivery. We aim to deliver practical youth led responses to locally identified need. The project aims to engage with the most hard to reach, disaffected and excluded young people within communities across Northern Ireland to establish localised Youth Safety Partnerships.
The development of Youth Safety Partnerships is supported by local community partners. A key objective of the programme is to empower young people to play an active role in the design and delivery of services that relate directly to the safety and well being of children, young people, families and their wider communities.
The Youth Safety Network consortium is made up of Northern Ireland Alternatives, Challenge for Youth, and the Terry Enright Foundation and has been funded through the Big Lottery’s, Safe and Well initiative for five years

Alternatives Led YSPs

 Shankill Youth Safety Parrtnership

The Shankill Youth Safety Partnership (SYSP) gives priority to youth-led initiatives around community safety and is made up of a wide range young people aged 17-25. The YSP was set-up by liaising with key networks groups, youth groups and community safety partners. Much attention was given to making sure it was representative of the Greater Shankill and included young people from a wide range of areas.
The Shankill YSP aim to reach out to ‘at risk’ young people, who are not accessing existing provision, within the community.

The group work alongside Alternatives to deliver community safety and anti-violence workshops in schools and youth-centres across the Greater Shankill. The Partnership have undertook a wide range of training including restorative justice practices, detach youth work and child protection, to develop their skills to engage with marginalised young people on the streets and other venues. Members of the Y.S.P. are represented on the Management Committee of Alternatives and the Greater Shankill Community Safety Network, which includes community, voluntary and statutory organizations.

Bangor Youth Safety Partnership

The membership of BYSP is made up of twelve young people aged between 15-25 years. Most members live on the Kilcooley estate. However a decision was taken to call the Partnership “Bangor Youth Safety Partnership” so as to facilitate the expansion of boundaries to include the greater Bangor area as the work and membership of the partnership develops.Central to their work, is the promotion and improvement of Health and Education. The group intend to address these themes through developing the skills of young people, providing information and lobbying for improved services.
The role of the Partnership is to consult with the wider community, identify issues, advise on and deliver localised pieces of work. This will be done in partnership with local community groups and statutory agencies.Bangor Alternatives who are located in the Kilcooley estate host the Partnership and as the community partner support the development and work of the group.

South Belfast Youth Safety Partnership

The development of the YSP in South Belfast is in early stages with consultation being carried out with young people and local community groups in Donegal Road, Sandy Row and Donegal Pass.  It is hoped that young people will be recruited soon and begin developing and action plan for the area.