Schools Work

Forthriver SchoolNorthern Ireland Alternatives has worked hard to build and maintain long term relationships with all of the schools within our service areas.  This part of our focus, aims to promote and develop programs which deliver education and awareness of restorative practices within primary, post-primary, and alternative education provision schools.

Some examples of our interventions have been:

– Ongoing support to pupil support units, aiding students that are struggling in their classes, eventually reintegrating them into the academic settings.
– Issue based and conflict management group work within secondary provision institutions
– Ongoing awareness of the effects of anti-social behaviour and community safety
– Specific programmes, such as the Pupils and Communities Together pilot programme, being rolled out this fall in North Belfast, across local State, Catholic Maintained, and Integrated School systems.

RADAR CenterProgrammes continue to be delivered in school providing mediation training and restorative interventions to help young people solve their conflicts in more positive ways. In addition, our schools programme also helps teachers deal with their most challenging pupils by providing more interactive sessions for them and one to one support and mentoring.