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Posted June 15, 2015 by Shankill Alternatives in Updates
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Warm welcomes to Joshua Behn, one of our two new interns from the United States.  Joshua comes to us from Boston, Massachusetts, and is a student from University of San Diego, pursuing his Masters in Conflict and Peace Studies.  His work has revolved around marginalized populations, both here in Northern Ireland, and back in the States.

He previously lived in Belfast for four months last year, where he conducted the Voices Amidst Conflict Project, collecting the oral histories of gay men within the perspective of the Troubles.  Other work has included minority advocacy; restorative practice in schools; and inter-faith dialogue.  His decision to come to Alternatives in the Shankill comes predominantly from a personal  frustration from the way Loyalist interests and concerns have been portrayed in the media and within academia.

Joshua intends to carry on in Northern Ireland past his placement.  He hopes his time here will allow him to have a greater ability to help expand Americans abilities to empathize and understand Loyalist perspectives.

Welcome Joshua, and we hope your time with us will be productive, as well as educational.

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