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Youth Safety Partnership Activity Day

The Youth Safety Network organised a day of activities for all the different partnerships that are linked to the Safety Network. There were four members from the Shankill Youth Safety Partnership that attended and took part. It...


Greater Shankill Bonfire Project

Alternatives engaging with local bonfires with the help of their volunteers to highlight safety and develop understanding around culltural identity. Year on year we see big improvements with the organisers being more responsib...


Youth Safety Partnership Clean Up

Both the Shankill and Donegall Pass Youth Safety Partnerships decided on doing a joint project to clean up the streets in both the local communities. We had decided to clean up and paint over all the graffiti that had been pain...

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Greater Shankill Alternatives R.I.O.T Programme

Greater Shankill Alternatives delivered a programme called ‘R.I.O.T.’ (Reducing Interface Offending and Tensions) to a group of 10 Impact Training participants over 10 workshops (not including the mural workshops, which wer...