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Shankill Alternatives Manager Charity Parachute Jump

On Friday the 7th August 2015, Billy Drummond manager of Shankill Alternatives completed his charity parachute jump to raise funds for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.  Billy’s first attempted had to postpo...

Alternatives New Paradigm

Northern Ireland Alternatives: A New Paradigm

Northern Ireland Alternatives is a central co-ordinating initiative aimed at embedding the philosophy and practice of restorative justice as a means of peacefully addressing socially harmful activities and developing non-violen...

Youth Prevention

Youth Prevention Focus

Central to Northern Ireland Alternatives work has been providing opportunities for young people to participate more fully within their community.  It is essential that young people have an understanding of and an opportunity...

Victim offender community

Benefits of Alternatives Restorative Model

The Northern Ireland Alternatives model of Restorative Practice offers many benefits to communities, focusing on the harm caused to relationships between victims, offenders, and the community: FOR VICTIMS – Victims needs ...