Greater Shankill Alternatives Management Committee

Tom Winstone  -Northern Ireland Alternatives

Billy Drummond – Greater Shankill Alternatives

Gary McKay – Impact Training

Tom Roberts  – Ex-Prisoners Interpretive Centre

Margaret Marley – Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Nicola Verner – Integrates Services for Children & Young People

Teena Patrick – Interface Residents & Local Resident

Mark Vinton – Action for Community Transformation

Inspector Laura Kelly – Police Service of Northern Ireland

Sergeant Nic Williams – Police Service of Northern Ireland

Michael Grant – Belfast City Council Parks Manager

Drew Clarke- Belfast City council Parks

Jennie Cornell – North Belfast District Police & Community Safety Partnership Independent Rep

Jim Branagh – Volunteer Rep

Craig Carlise – Belfast Boys Model School

Youth Rep – Youth Safety Partnership

Rev Colin Duncan- Woodvale & Shankill Methodist church

Murray Watt- Supporting Communities

Johnathan Hodge- Community Consultant