Intensive Youth Support (IYS)

IYS worker

The Intensive Youth Support is the model Alternatives use to meet the needs of young offenders and to provide mechanisms to encourage them to make positive change.  Participants are usually aged between 10-18 and are predominantly male .  The programme addresses the needs of victim, offender and the community, as well as offering a non-violent approach to addressing anti-social behaviour and punishment violence.  Referrals to the IYSP can come from statutory and community sources, family or self-referrals.  The offender must be prepared to admit their guilt and be committed to making a positive change.   Participants are then designated a support worker, whose role is to provide a supportive, helping relationship where the young people are valued, respected and encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.  All interventions are unique to each young person and based on their individual needs.

Intensive Youth Support Process

  • Referral
  • Information Gathering
  • Explanation of programme
  • Agree / disagree
  • Initial meeting
  • Regular meetings
  • Development of contract
  • Weekly goals
  • Victim awareness
  • Community awareness
  • Self awareness
  • Completion of contract

Characteristics of Alternatives IYS Process

  • Holistic approach
  • Wrap around services
  • Intensive approach
  • High levels of victim participation/support
  • Low levels of recidivism
  • Cost-effective
  • Local knowledge and localised service
  • Whole community response