Shankill Alternatives Bonfire Project Showcase

Greater Shankill Alternatives Bonfire Project was showcased as part of Alternatives 2014 AGM. The event in the Spectrum centre was

Alternatives Bonfire Project

This video highlights Shankill Alternatives engagement with local young people at 11th night bonfires in Greater Shankill Area. It highlights

Shankill Alternatives Stereotyping

Young people from the Shankill Youth Safety Partnership explore theissue of stereo typing of young people from their community

WAYS Project Video


Alternatives- Punishment Attack

This is a reconstruction of a paramilitary punishment attack which the Alternatives project was setup to provide the community non-violent

Daz Men In Heels Charity Event

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Anti Car Crime video

This video highlights the impact Death Riding can have on families and communities

Debbie Watters at Restorative Connections Conference

Extract of Debbie Watters speech at Restorative Connections Conference held in Dundalk. ( Download Android App at