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Youth Safety Network Launch

Youth Safety Network is a consortium of three organisations Alternatives, Challenge For Youth & Terry Enright Foundation to establish Youth

Alternatives Go Tubing

Young people who demonstrated positive attitude, good attendance and were the winning team at Alternatives Saturday Night Football project were

Alternatives Saturday Night Football

Alternatives Saturday Night Football is a project to offer young people in the Shankill a postive alternative to saturday night

Shankill Graveyard Tour SASH group

Alternatives- Shankill Area Social History (SASH) group on a guided tour of Shankill graveyard by local Historian Bobby Foster

Shankill redevelopment talk (SASH group)

Jackie Redpath talks to Shankill Area Social History (SASH) group about the impact of the 1970s redevelopment of the Shankill

PSNI Quickcheck talk at Alternatives MEALS project

PSNI gave advice on bogus callers to senior citizens who came to Alternatives MEALS (Meeting Eating And Local Support) project

Alternatives Saturday Night Football

Due to the lack of youth provision a week ends Shankill Alternatives have developed an 8 week pilot to provide

Alberts Shankill Graveyard poem

Poem about Shankill Graveyard recited by Shankill poet Albert Haslett

Alternatives-Shankill Area Social History group

Local poet Albert Haslett shares one of his poems The Districts of the Shankill to Alternatives -Shankill Area Social History