Board Members of NIA

Northern Ireland Alternatives has an overarching Board consisting of a diverse range of people who oversee the work of Northern Ireland Alternatives. The role of this Board is concerned with overall strategic development of NIA; policy development and responses to government policies; Public Relations; advice and support.

Northern Ireland Alternatives Board Members

  • Rev: Gary Mason                               (Chairperson)
  • Glenda Davies                          Sandy Row Community Forum
  • Peter Bunting                           Irish Congress of Trades Unions
  • Eileen Patterson                      Fold Housing
  • Derek Poole                              Local Initiatives in Needy Communities (LINC)
  • Bobby Hunniford                    Independent Representative
  • Jackie Redpath                        Greater Shankill Partnership
  • Neil Jarman                              Institute for Conflict Resolution
  • Gary McKay                              Job Assist Centre