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Auschwitz 3

Shankill Alternatives Visit To Auschwitz

In March 2018, six young people from the Shankill community engaged in a programme of learning on the horrors of the holocaust, which culminated in a two day visit to Krakow to visit the Oskar Schindler Enamel Factory and a ful...


#1PillWillKill Event at Shankill Alternatives

On Thursday 2nd November 2017 Shankill Alternatives welcomed the Burns family to our premises to hear the heart-wrenching story of the loss of their son and brother due to one ecstasy tablet. With over 40 young people and adult...

RESPECT Mural Wheatfield Primary School

Alternatives- RESPECT Mural- Wheatfield Primary School

Pupils at Wheatfield Primary School have been seen spray painting walls in the school grounds! However it was not vandalism but an art project in the school as part of Alternatives #GoodForNothing campaign Shankill Alternatives...

shankill Bonfire Project

Shankill Bonfire Collectors Want Tyres Removed from Bonfire Site

Alternatives have been working with young people at bonfire sites across the Greater Shankill for 7-8 years and have had an extremely positive response from the local community, bonfire organisers and young people in general. A...